Cybersemiotics : Merging the Semiotic and Cybernetic Evolutionary View of Reality and Consciousness to a Transdisciplinary Vision of Reality

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Søren Brier


Plastir, Volume Vol 26, Issue No. 6 (2012)



cybernetics, cybersemiotics, information, semiotics


The modern notion of 'Laws of Nature' (covering laws) sees the universe as governed by a set of all encompassing laws. We may have great complexity at the surface of reality but underneath that surface at the - so to say – bottom of reality, there are a small amount of abstract mathematical laws governing every process in reality. This paradigmatic ontological assumption makes the world rational intelligible and makes it possible for the science to flourish as the central objective way to truth. But how does subjective consciousness with its qualitative sense experiences (on which empirical science is based) fir into the worldview the selfscience makes? Classical physics seem to narrow in its view to encompass the scale of reality, as we know it to day. It is a problem that is discussed in many books for instances like Barrow, Davies and Harper’s (2004): Science and the Ultimate Reality, by many physicists and philosophers of science inspired by the quantum physicist John Archibald Wheeler. The quantum physicist and philosopher of science Abner Shimony(1993) regards the knowing subject as an entity in nature whose faculties must be studied from the points of view of evolutionary biology and empirical psychology. Nicolescu (2002 p.65-66) – who is also a quantum physicist – promotes, like C. S. Peirce (1994) does, the theory that consciousness is a vital and active part of the wholeness of the universe. The subjective and the objective side of nature make up the whole of reality to an integrated whole based in what Nicolescu calls trans-nature or the zone of non-resistance. The reason why I have created the framework of Cybersemiotics (Brier 2008a, 1010b, Cobley 2010) is to enlarge our view of reality in a way that will make this possible.