Objective of the 2014 Course

The Objective of the Course is to:

  • Enable the student to critically examine the transdisciplinary practices in doing research in the area of information, cognition and communication.
  • Understand communication research as providing an account of semiotic and autopoietic organization of meaning.
  • Carry through analysis of various types of theories of cognition and communication in relation to key organisational processes such as decision making, development of meaningful practises and accountability.

You are expected to be engaged in a PhD or postdoctoral project, which can be inspired by or will use aspects of transdisciplinarity and Cybersemiotics. You are expected to contribute by bringing your interpretation of and questions to the framework in order to fuel our discussions. Every student will get 2o min to talk about methodological problems in their project using a Power Point show followed by a 25 min discussion with the other students and teachers present. We are expecting a lively interdisciplinary workshop environment giving insight into the other PhD researchers’ problems, finding commonalities and supplementing information about other projects and angles on the same interdisciplinary problems. We expect to get as much diversity as possible connected to this transdisciplinary field to be able to share as many perspectives as possible. Do not worry, therefore, if you have just started on your project or if you are at the end of it or you think you have a unique approach or problem. All contributions and questions are welcome.